idea for future release


idea for future release

Post by jeffyjeff » Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:26 am

In the next release, you should make it so that you can set the iphone to instantly e-mail all photos taken to a specified e-mail address. Plenty of people would be very interested in this application for personal, business, and professional use. It may also serve as security for the iPhone.

This application already makes it similar to a security camera. Now it would completely turn an iphone into a security camera.

you mentioned:
(finally catch that person who keeps taking your lunch!)
in the advertisement. but with the feature I mentioned, you can catch you takes your iPhone! (if it ever happens)
so in a way, it would be a good security idea of the iphone

lets not forget ... lf-with-it

I think this would be a perfect addition to your app

if you decide to add this in the next update, please let me know I'm very interested in seeing this in an app someday.