galleroo - the intro and overview? (lots of questions)

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galleroo - the intro and overview? (lots of questions)

Post by machines » Tue Feb 28, 2006 8:43 am

hi guys,

I'm looking for an "html embeddable" slideshow, to be used "inside" my ebay listings (I "hand code" my own listings). is galleroo slideshow "ebay listing embeddable"? if so, is an example available? (I realize the actual images and thumbs would be hosted elsewhere, which is certainly doable and fine with me).

more importantly: what's required on my server to 'run' galeroo slideshows? I can't find any info on this anywhere at the site galeroo CGI based? PHP based? does it require a certain version of php? or is it "based on something else"? if 'on something else', please describe? (I can find no references to javascript in the source or css...either). is galleroo (when embedded as a slideshow) actually an "exe"? and, if so, does/would ebay 'permit' an exe in a listing?

I want to embed the slideshow in my html "without frames" (and your "tavla approach" seems to do this). I did view the stylesheet, which made reference to another stylesheet (called base.css, I think) which I was, unfortunately, unable to view...could you perhaps e-mail me base.css, or post (the tavla version of) it here?

because I want to use (numerous slideshow) images per listing, is galleroo useable with -only- forward, stop, and back arrows, with NO thumbs whatsoever visible? (I want to use 800 x 600 images, and not 'drown' the listing in, possibly, dozens of maybe even hundreds of thumbnails of my old karmann ghia). I'm guessing this -is- doable :-/ but?

is galeroo a "practical app" to use for dozens (or maybe even low hundreds) of 800x600 images, one at a time, in slideshow format? or is this "outside its upper practical limit"? (we can deal with the question of "is this machines guy insane wanting to use SO many images in an ebay listing?" later ;-)

thanks very much in advance for info,

machines :-)

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Post by xyster » Tue Feb 28, 2006 9:20 pm

The styles that come with Galleroo create plain vanilla HTML pages - there is no need for CGI or PHP. If you want PHP or CGI, then you could create your own styles to create PHP pages or to interact with a server side CGI.
I don't know much about e-bay listings or hand-coding them so it is difficult for me to say how Galleroo would work or not with this. Can you provide an example?
Generally, with the right style, Galleroo can do anything you want, including not showing any thumbnails at all.
Galleroo has been tested with thousands of images.