Missing TimeLapse video


Missing TimeLapse video

Post by dtwhite » Fri Apr 27, 2012 3:14 am


Yesterday I shot a one minute long time lapse video. However, at the end, for some reason the video did not seem to save correctly to the Camera Roll. I'm not sure why. I thought the time lapse video must be gone. However, when I go into the iPhone 4S's Settings - General - Usage - TimeLapse, it tells me that the app is taking up 164Mb of space (which is much bigger than the actual app size of 2.6Mb). This tells me that maybe my video is somewhere in the app's cache.

Is there a way I can "get it out"? I can't find a way.



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Re: Missing TimeLapse video

Post by xyster » Fri Apr 27, 2012 3:22 am

Yes, there is a way to see if TimeLapse has anything stored.

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer.
2. In iTunes navigate to your phone.
3. Go to the 'apps' tab of your iPhone
4. In the File Sharing section, select TimeLapse

You should get a list of files TimeLapse has stored. This is Apple 'File Sharing' feature, you can read Apple's documentation of the feature here:


I hope this helps.