No SIM Card interruption

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No SIM Card interruption

Post by chuckkahn » Fri Dec 12, 2014 7:27 am

I'm using an iPhone 5S for Timelapse and I keep getting "No SIM Card" messages (duh, my SIM is in my iPhone 6, I just use the 5S for timelapse otherwise I'd sell it on craigslist) which interrupt the timelapse I'm shooting. Is there a way to disable these "No SIM Card" interruptions? Also got an interruption telling me that iOS 8.1.2 was available. Is there a way to disable that interruption as well?

update: going through my quicktimes, it looks like these interruptions created a gap between Dec 10 911am and Dec 11 1008am, missing a big snowfall. Here's the last frame and first frame of the resulting files:


It's heartbreaking to miss a snowfall so I'd like to know a way to keep shooting, without interruption!

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Re: No SIM Card interruption

Post by xyster » Fri Dec 12, 2014 2:19 pm

For the updates I believe the best approach is to put the phone in airplane mode - if it can't access the internet, it can't check for updates.

For the SIM card problem, any old SIM card will do. It does not have to be for an active subscriber number. If you don't have an extra SIM on hand, you can go to the nearest service provider's store and typically get a SIM card for free from a friendly sales rep. If your phone is locked to a provider, you will need to go to the provider it is locked to, if the phone is unlocked, you can go to any provider.

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