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Post by BMD UP » Mon Aug 31, 2015 9:14 am

Now that motrr supports GoPro it would be cool if TimeLapse added a simple GoPro option.

I have a project with the GoPro and I am going to pan 25 degrees per hour for five hours and then I am going to reverse the process back 25 degree per hour for five hours. Total of 10 hours, 125 degrees both ways.

The easiest way I see for me to do this is:

1. Set the GoPro up to capture a picture every 2 seconds
2. In TimeLapse go into "Frame and Start" tap the "M", input my "Pan" parameters and click "test". That way I am not getting images on the iPad and motrr will start to rotate at the specified rate.
3. After five hours I click Stop
4. Then reverse the parameters, and click test again.
5. Stop after another five hours.

It would be great to get a simple GoPro option that allows this. No pictures required on the iPad or iPhone, since all images are captured on GoPro. Just looking for an easier way to control the pan/tilt of the motrr Galileo over a certain period of time.


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